Date Walnut Chocolate Bar
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Here are comparisons of some popular flours, sweeteners and seeds:
Flour Nutrients
Sweetner Nutrients
Seeds Nutrients
Nutritional Goals

B01 Flourless Coconut Pistachio Brazil Nut Bar
B02 Flourless Maple Health Bar
B03 Flourless Peanut Butter with Hemp Seed Bar
B04 Flourless Quinoa Dates Nutty Bar
B05 Flourless Date Walnut Chocolate Bar
B06 Flourless Sunflower Goji Bar(Maple Syrup Sweetened)
B07 Flourless Breakfast Bar
B08 Flourless Peanut Butter Breakfast Bar

NEW Blueberry Pistachio Super Cookie

Chia Cranberry

Basil Pine Nut

Pecan Shortbread


CA00 Assorted Varieties of Cookies
CA01 Flourless Almond Basil Pinenut Cookie(Honey Sweetened)
CA02 Flourless Walnut Brownie (Honey Sweetened)
CA03 Flourless Almond Brazil nut Chocolate Chip Cookie (Honey Sweetened)
CA04 Flourless Almond Dates Coconut Cookie (Dates Sweetened)
CA05 Flourless Almond Fig Cookie (Honey Sweetened)
CA06 Flourless Almond Ginger Molasses cookie (Honey Sweetened)
CA07 Flourless Mango Cashew Cookie (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA08 Flourless Almond Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (Raisin Sweetened)
CA09 Flourless Almond Peanut Butter Cookie (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA10 Flourless Almond soft Pumpkin Seed Cookie (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA11 Flourless Almond Sesame Seed Cookie (Honey sweetened)
CA12 Flourless Almond Coconut Dark Chocolate Cookie (Honey Sweetened)
CA13 Flourless Almond Double Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Cookie (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA14 Flourless Almond Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie (Honey Sweetened)
CA15 Flourless Heart Smart w/Pecan (Maple syrup sweetened)
CA16 Flourless Lemon Chia Seed Cashew Cookie (Maple syrup Sweetened)
CA17 Flourless Dates Goji with Cocoa nib (Dates Sweetened)
CA18 Flourless Seeded Goodness (Honey sweetened)
CA19 Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cookie (Maple Sweetened)
CA20 Flourless Seeded Lil Crunch (Maple Syrup sweetened)
CA21 Flourless Almond Chocolate Pumpkin Seed cookie (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA22 Flourless Black N White (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA23 Flourless Sunflower Goji berry (Maple syrup sweetened)
CA24 Flourless Almond Macadamia nut Cookie Maple Syrup sweetened)
CA25 Flourless Almond Peanut butter Chocolate chip Cookie(Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA26 Flourless Heart Smart Choco Chip cookie (Maple syrup sweetened)
CA27 Flourless Walnut Double chocolate Cookie (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA28 Flourless Chia Cranberry Cookie (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA29 Flourless Almond Peanut Butter Double chocolate Cookie
CA30 Almond Chocolaty Cookie (Maple syrup sweetened)
CA31 Flourless Trio Sesame Seed with Home made Chocolate Cookie (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA32 Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownie (Maple syrup sweetened)
CA33 Flourless Pecan Shortbread Cookie (Maple syrup sweetened)
CA34 Flourless Trio Sesame Cookie (Honey sweetened)
CA35 Flourless Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookie(Maple Syrup Sweetened)
CA36 Flourless Dates Walnut Cookie (Dates sweetened)
CA37 Flourless Hazelnut Lemon Shortbread Cookie (Maple syrup sweetened)

CA38 Flourless Blueberry Pistachio Super Cookie (Maple syrup sweetened)
CA39 Flourless Lemon Poppy Seed Cookie (Maple syrup sweetened)
CA40 Flourless Coconut Macaroon Cookie (Maple syrup sweetened)                                                           CA41 Flourless Chocolaty Hazelnut Cookie (Honey sweetened)                                                             CA42 Flourless Chocolate Covered Heart Smart Cookie with WAlnut nd Goji berry)                              CA43 Flourless Salty Pistachio Cookie (Maple syrup Sweetened)


Here is a complete list of our cookies
AnuRana's Healthy Kitchen Cookies


Trio Sesame Bites
Bite Size Cookies

SP01 Flourless Coconut Dark Chocolate (Honey Sweetened)
SP02 Ginger Molasses Bite Size ( Honey & Molasses Sweetened)
SP03 Flourless Sesame Seed (Honey Sweetened)
SP04 Flourless White Chocolate Coconut Macaroon with Cashew (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
SP05 Lemon Chia Seed Cashew (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
SP06 Bitter Sweet Pistachio Cookies (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
SP07 Flourless Breakfast Cookies
SP08 Flourless Almond Coconut Macaroon (Maple Syrup Sweetened)
SP09 Flourless Pecan shortbread (Maple syrup sweetened)
SP10 Flourless Trio Sesame seed Cookie (Maple syrup sweetened)
SP11 Flourless Walnut Lavender Shortbread (Maple syrup sweetened)
SP12 Flourless Hazelnut Shortbread (Maple syrup sweetened)                                                             SP13 Flourless Spiced Cookie with Pinenuts (Maple Syrup sweetened)                                                      SP14 Spiced Cookie with Pinenuts (Maple Syrup Sweetened) 


Pecan Pie



P1 Flourless Almond Pumpkin Pie with Cashew Cream 9"
P2 Flourless Pecan Pie with Flax Pecan Crust (Honey Sweetened) 9"
P3 Flourless Sweet Potato Pie with Coconut Cream (Honey Sweetened) 9"
P4 Pistachio Dates Caramel Tart with Homemade Chocolate (Maple Syrup Sweetened) 9"
PA1 Flourless Almond Pumpkin Pie with Cashew Cream Medium
PA2 Flourless Pecan Pie with Flax Pecan Flax Crust Honey sweetened (Medium size)
PA3 Flourless Sweet Potato Pie with Coconut cream (Honey Sweetened) Medium size
PAA1 Flourless Pumpkin Pie Personal size
PAA2 Flourless Pecan Pie Personal Size
PAA3 Flourless Sweet Potato Pie (Personal Size)
PAA4 Pistachio Dates Caramel Tart with Homemade Chocolate
PAA5 Flourless Cashew Cream Fig Walnut Tart(Personal size)
PAA6 Flourless Blueberry Pie with Cashew Cream (Personal size)
PAAA2 Flourless Pecan Pie with Fresh Cranberry sauce (Personal size)


Spiced Cashews with Hemp Seed
Savory Nuts

S01 Holiday Spiced Pecan
S02 Pumpkin Spiced Almonds with Chia Seeds
S03 Spiced Cashew with Hemp seed
S04 Toasted Coconut Cashew
S05 Crunchy Chickpeas
S06 Black eyed Peas
S07 Crunchy Munchy Red Kidney bean
S08 Spiced Cashews with Hemp Seed (Economy Pack)
S09 Sichuan Spiced Peanuts (Economy Pack)
S10 Sichuan Spiced Peanuts                                                                                                                S11 Chocolate covered Spiced Cashew with Hemp seed                                                                        S12 Chocolate covered Spiced Cashew with Hemp seed (Economy Pack)                                               S13  Fennel Spiced Dates


CH1 Chia Hemp Toasted Coconut Chips                                                                                              CH2 Spicy and salty Coconut Chips
FA1 Dates n Nuts Fruit Cake
GA1 Maple Flax Nutty Granola
GA2 Maple Mango Cashew Granola
GA3 Seeded Nutty Granola                                                                                                                 GA4 Honey Chia Coconut Granola

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